Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company is proud to introduce virtual reality technology to its repertoire of workplace safety trainings. This new technology is designed to help business owners train their employees as well as reduce workplace accidents, especially in the construction and warehousing industries.

Similar to a video game experience, virtual reality uses an immersive, interactive experience to teach safety best practices. Users strap on a special headset and use hand controls to enter an animated world where everything looks and feels real.

One simulation includes walking on an I-beam 30 stories above the ground. Another scenario requires users to identify unsafe work practices or hazards on a construction jobsite.

Four workplace trainings are currently available:
• Forklift Operator
• Construction Worksite Safety
• Beam Walk
• Lockout-Tagout

Kristin Klein, Director of Safety Services at Chesapeake Employers, said, “We are introducing this new technology to agents and their customers who are insured by Chesapeake Employers, especially those with construction and site safety risks. It’s important to note that the new VR technology will not replace our existing safety trainings; we are simply adding this new technology to our mix of safety training options to policyholders.”

If you would like to learn more, or recommend how we can use the VR technology to serve your Chesapeake Employers’ policyholders, please contact your marketing representative.

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