The region’s most dedicated captive division with over 30 years of experience.

A Captive is a closely held insurance company which provides coverage for and is controlled by its owners. Property and casualty insurance coverages are provided to qualified member companies by their own captive company. HMS recognizes the benefits that may accrue to qualified firms through the use of a captive insurance program. While the actual savings that any one company may realize depends upon a multitude of factors, the potential for significant reductions in cost exist.


Potential Benefits:

  • Insurance profits and investment income from each owner’s distinct loss fund accrue directly to the owner’s bottom line.
  • Reduction of insurance premiums through lower fixed-costs than a commercial insurance carrier.
  • Loss control efforts directly result in premium savings since each captive owner primarily funds for its own predictable losses while sharing fixed-costs.
  • Greater control of your insurance budget through premium stabilization.
  • Greater coverage than available through the traditional insurance marketplace. Coverage can be tailored to the needs of captive owners.
  • Better control of each owner’s risk management destiny.
  • Captive owners have the ability to select service providers on an unbundled basis creating the opportunity for cost effective and efficient services.
  • Greater control of claims adjudication. Owners have direct access to and notification from the person setting loss reserves, input into litigation and settlements, and the ability to designate claims that require special attention by the adjuster.
  • Security and protection through the utilization of an “A+” rated policy-issuance company that is licensed in all states, as well as the transfer of all catastrophic loss potentials to a “A+” rated reinsurance company.


  • Minimum Premium $100,000
  • Coverages Included: Workers Compensation, General Liability, Automobile Liability and Physical Damage
  • Above Average 5 Year Claims Experience
  • Formal Safely Program
  • Acceptable Financials (Independent CPA Review)

HMS is one of the region’s largest providers of group captives. We have a dedicated captive division with over 30 years of experience. Please contact us if you have an interest in learning more about our captive programs.

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