We know wholesale distribution and retail business can be unpredictable. You need an insurance team with experience and knowledge.

Because you are in retail or wholesale, you know you’re in a risky business. Inventory can be spoiled when a pipe freezes and burst. Extremes of temperature and humidity can be equally destructive. Electrical fires can happen when there’s no one around and damage can be severe. Unfortunately, employee theft is all too commonplace.

To provide cost-effective coverage that not only covers your assets but also provides programs that assist you in controlling costs, takes a team that is involved with your business. With 75 years of insurance experience, HMS has access to virtually every major market that can negotiate effectively for your protection. You can’t afford to let bright sunny days lull you into thinking claims won’t happen. After a claim has occurred, unfortunately, is not the time to begin thinking about what coverage you needed.

Without a knowledgeable assessment of the potential losses for your business, you can get caught unaware and losses can mount quickly. HMS can help you structure a plan that will secure the coverage you need and help you control costs.

What HMS Provides:

  • A competitive edge.
  • A team of highly trained professionals.
  • Expert loss prevention and safety programs
  • Access to a broad market of top-rated carriers.
  • Comprehensive solutions with cost effective terms.
  • Detailed risk analysis to expose potential loss.
  • Workers’ Compensation

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