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Personal planning can be thought of as a series of tasks that serve to manage an individual's resources in the event of their incapacitation or death; including the bequest of assets to heirs or charity and the settlement of estate taxes.  Our primary objective is to help you achieve financial freedom in a complex and constantly changing world by designing strategies to help you achieve the financial goals that are most important to you.

Answering the Financial Questions that Count - A valuable SURVEY to help you understand your current financial situation and make informed decisions.


Wealth Management - Personal Financial View

Our primary objective is to help you achieve financial freedom in a complex and constantly changing world by designing strategies to help you achieve what is most important to you.  Everything starts with a conversation.  We get to know you, we learn about your wants, your needs, and ultimately your financial goals.  We then build a custom financial plan and may provide you with access to a Personal Financial View website.  Using technology, we are able to design a single platform that streamlines the financial planning process, aggregates all of your accounts, giving you 24/7 access to your entire financial world.  It also provides the confidence in knowing that all are working toward your personal goals.  Our goal is to help you achieve your goals in an independent, objective and integrated fashion.

Retirement Income & Distribution Planning

As you get closer to retirement, your priorities change. You've spent a considerable amount of your working life accumulating a sufficient nest egg, but now you have reached the point where you must focus on preserving what you've accumulated.  When retirement starts and your working income stops the day-to-day expenses continue, and it is from this nest egg that you must generate or replace your income. In order to effectively meet such needs, you need a strategy to help manage the different risk factors that can affect your retirement.  Let our advisors help you build a personalized Retirement Income Plan.

Retirement Income Accumulation and Distribution Planning Video


Estate Planning

We all have goals that we want to meet during our lifetime. The education of our children, a comfortable and financially secure retirement and perhaps the purchase of a new home. The first step of estate planning is to help you plan for - and hopefully realize - these lifetime goals. This type of planning addresses your legal and financial concerns, taking into account goals and tax considerations. It also takes advantage of existing laws and funding vehicles to help save on taxes and help manage your property in an efficient and profitable way during your lifetime.

Relatively few people have to be concerned with estate taxes because few have estates large enough to be subject to the federal estate tax. But, estate taxes can be a major concern for those with large estates as they can result in liquidation of assets to raise cash to pay the taxes due.  Estate tax planning involves learning about ways to help reduce these taxes such as making lifetime transfers to heirs (gifts or sales) and providing a source of money to pay taxes (life insurance trusts).


Charitable Planning

Everyone has their own motives for making charitable gifts.  It could be generosity, religious belief, gratitude or an altruistic desire to benefit an alma mater or other organization.  Regardless of the cause, the true meaning of the gift is to make the lives of others better. Benefiting a favorite cause can offers more than just self-fulfillment and aid to others, there can be current tax benefits also.



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