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Disability & Long-Term Care

Disability Insurance

  • Individual Disability - coverage to protect one's income so that if he/she was to become disabled you would receive cash to pay expenses.
  • Key Person Disability - coverage to protect a business if a key person were to become injured or ill and was not able to perform the duties of his/her occupation.
  • Disability Buy Out - if a company has multiple business owners, this type of policy will ensure that if one becomes disabled while still active in the business that the other owner(s) will have the funds readily available to buy out the disabled's heirs to provide a smooth transfer of ownership.
  • Disability Overhead - coverage that pays for a business' day to day expenses (rent/utilities/salaries of con-owners, etc) if the owner was to become disabled.

Long-term Care Insurance

  • Individual Long Term Care - coverage which provides the funds to pay for the costs of receiving care at home, in an assisted living facility, or a nursing home.

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