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Insurance for the Transportation Industry

We insure the things that move.  That means we know how to make more than just the wheels turn.

Regardless of the focus of your transportation business, HMS has excellent programs for trucking, shipping, hauling and warehousing with a team of professionals who can tailor a transportation insurance program that will play an important role in the success of your business.

Our clients in the transportation business understand what it means to have the right insurance coverage.  The cost of the equipment, losses in the warehouse or accidents on the job represent only part of the costs of being in the transportation business.  Having the right insurance to protect your assets while helping you control costs is what we deliver every time.

Lose a dump truck in an accident, a fleet car to theft or a warehouse to fire or flood and the losses are both large and immediate.  As a result, avoiding risk is as important an objective as making sure your are adequately covered.  Loss control is the critical factor the most directly affects your bottom-line insurance costs.

What HMS Provides:

  • A competitive edge.
  • A team of highly trained professionals.
  • Expert loss prevention and safety programs.
  • Access to a broad market of top rated insurance carriers.
  • Comprehensive solutions with cost effective terms.
  • Detailed risk analysis to expose potential loss.

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