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Claims Management Services


Safety service is one of the most important functions of your insurance program.  At HMS we value claims service so highly that we have a department staffed by six claims professionals.  We will review proper claim reporting procedures with you.  We provide a complete claims kit so you have all the proper forms needed to file a claim.  We will promptly report your claim to the insurance company, follow-up on outstanding claims, and review all large, opened, and reserved claims.

Agency Consultation Services:

  • Total Quality Customer Service
  • "Team Approach" Claim Handling Services
  • Experienced Agency Claim Staff
  • Complex Claim Handling Consultations
  • Reserve Analysis
  • Mitigation Practices

Risk Control Consultation Services

  • Loss Prevention Analysis
  • OSHA Training
  • Safety "Tool Box" Talks

AxiKit Mobile App - Accident Reporting Kit (download brochure)

  • Step by step guidance at the accident scene
  • Protects You and/or Your Company

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